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Hire a fully dedicated agile development team without any fuss. CA will recruit, train and manage top-tier- talent from Sri Lanka, enabling you to focus on your roadmap, shrink development costs and increase sprint output all at the same time.

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Our Offering

CA helps Scale-ups and Startups to extend their engineering teams and Deliver Software. We provide fully dedicated Engineering and Resource Management for each Resource, with the option of Purchasing the Team in 12 to 16 months.

“CabbageApps team understood our requirements for the website and found the best solution. This allowed us to easily adopt our content into the website.“

Patric Bottne
CEO | Appspot

Technical Founders, CTO's and IT Consultants have succeeded with us

3 Full stack Developers

Onboarding time
2 weeks

2 weeks
3 Full stack Developers

Onboarding time
2 weeks

2 weeks
3 Full stack Developers

Onboarding time
2 weeks

2 weeks
3 Full stack Developers

Onboarding time
2 weeks

2 weeks

The road to onboarding
your Remote Team


Tell us your requirements

Describe your Project’s team size and required workflow. The requirement can be broken into 3 aspects.

Core Team
Extended Team
Specialised Team


Audit of Internal Processes

We conduct a Remote Development Audit to see what processes you have in place and what requirements you need in order to run a successful Remote Delivery Office.


Talent selection and team strategy

We will provide you with appropriate talent profiles in line with your requirements and objectives. After which you can conduct your evaluation and interview process to Finalize your extended team.



We smoothly and painlessly integrate our team into your ongoing project. We look into...

Remote processors
Develop process integration
Design process integration
Scrum process integration
Feedback loop

The CA Advantage

What sets CA dedicated teams apart

Ask our founders. If you are new to remote working or want a little extra help, our team can make arrangements to provide help and consultancy for best practices when running a remote team
Here’s how CA can provide high-quality talent at low prices.

Currency advantage
The LKR greatly depreciated against the dollar in 2022 making the purchasing power of a dollar significantly higher in Sri Lanka.

Low Overheads
Like many SA countries, the cost of overheads ranging from Electricity to rent are significantly lower allowing us to pass the cost saving to our clients.
We dedicate an excruciating amount of time to ensuring our candidates are startup ready and have the soft skills required to thrive in a startup culture. Our recruits have a disruptive mindset and, are young and dynamic.
Use your own servers, tools, timeline, and team. You control your project.
CA attracts the best talent in Sri Lanka and this is how we do it.
1. CA provides unparalleled working conditions for our employees. Our package has everything an engineer could want- Remote Working, Flexibility, and attractive packages. This means recruits are immediately attracted and referred to CA.
2. Remote Working - This allows us to hire talent from across the country as opposed to one city. Giving us a larger pool of candidates to train and test
Build, Own, Operate, Transfer

After working with our developers our clients have the option of purchasing their team. This is a popular option amongst many of our clients and speaks volumes for the quality of our talent.

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What sets CA dedicated teams apart

What are the legal aspects of hiring a dedicated team?
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). The document has to state what information is considered confidential, that a person can use the disclosed information for the project purposes only, and what the penalty is.
  • Statement of Work (SOW). This document should specify the scope of work, the deliverables, the schedule, the acceptance criteria, the duration, the standards, and any other terms, conditions, or special requirements for the future project.
  • Master Services Agreement (MSA). This document defines your cooperation with the vendor. It is the place where you want to specify the terms of payment, dispute resolution, and intellectual property rights.
What are the different Configurations of the Dedicated Teams Model?
Core team

Customize a team of trusted engineers to develop your product ground up.

A core team can consist of Lead devs, Junior devs, Lead Designers all hired from CA.However, you are in total control of the project management aspects and deliverables.

  • Create a Team - Main team in charge of product or Project
  • Create Scrum and Sprints - Operations structure
  • Prepare backlog
  • Management of Team will be done by CTO/Tech lead

Extended Team

Extend your existing team as and when you need to increase your throughput and delivery.

A team that will act as an "extension" of your existing team within the same scrum.Delegate tasks from your existing backlog & increase your throughput and delivery.

  • Additional members that help the core team to increase throughput
  • Falls into the core teams operations
  • Tasks will be delegated to this team from the backlog

Specialized Team

Curated to offer the best of our best for your team when a specialized skill is required at a specific stage of development.

We can allocate members to fill specific shortages and work on a separate backlog that can be developed independently.

  • Will not be part of the core or extended team but brought in for specific skill shortage or requirements.
  • Primarily for short term projects
  • Usually out of the core team’s backlog, mainly on an individual or isolated project.
Why Hire from Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful tropical destination and is ranked #1 destination for digital nomads. Sri Lanka like many other SA countries has lower overheads and fixed costs in comparison to other parts of the world. Sri Lanka has one of the highest literacy rates in Asia and a high proficiency in English. With Sri Lankan universities being among the best in the world - high-quality service and products are guaranteed. Sri Lankans are also commonly known for their hospitable, friendly nature and good business culture. Our strategic business location is also ideal for minimal time differences with all parts of the world at GMT +5.30.

How does CA guarantee the best talent in Sri Lanka?

Firstly, unlike many other service providers in Sri Lanka, CA can tap into skilled resources across the country with its remote development framework. This enables CA to gain access to a larger pool. Secondly, the upcoming workforce loves the CA culture and working environment and is thereby attracted and prefers CA over other suppliers, giving CA an advantage over other providers. Finally, we have a 6 step vetting process that could take up to 1.5 months, ensuring that the recruited talent is only the best-of-the-best.

What management framework does CA follow?

It is fCA practices an Agile Framework that incorporates elements of continuous planning, testing, integration, and other forms of continuous development and effective communication.