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A passionate team of developers and designers, ready to help you build your products.

Strategy to Design to Production to Support

what we do

Design & Development

We first understand the expectations our clients have and propose solutions centered around Design. With the Design in place, Development workflow will smoothly follow.


how we do it

We follow a battle tested process

Based on the Project type, we have created templated processors on how Requirement Gather, UI/ UX process and Development should operate. With the process in place, we drive the customer and our team to work together to achieve project success.


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Our team leads progression.

Ragularuban Nanthagopal


Ruban has a crave to craft products. He has previously worked on two digital products where he discovered his strengths. He is a maker himself and would love to jump at any chance to be involved in creating processors. You might find him in the kitchen making a cup of strawberry tea or in the balcony sipping that tea and enjoying the view.

Dulitha Wijewantha


Dulitha is an avid coffee lover who happens to love cracking hard problems. He is interested in UI/UX and financial markets. As for hobbies - Dulitha loves to travel. But due to Covid-19 impacting his travel plans, he has picked up a new hobby of playing Civilization 6, a strategy game.

Charana Amarasekara

Senior Software Engineer

Charana is a Human being (Please don't do any backgrounds checks) with basic needs and a minimalistic life.