We love showing off our team!

At CabbageApps, you can truly shine. With diverse projects, allocated learning time, and a clear career ladder, CabbageApps provides you with a work environment that not only gives you the job satisfaction you’ve been searching for but also sets you on the path to personal success.

Aaron Henderlin

UX Designer

Aaron is a very curious person and always wants to learn and explore new ideas, he starts and ends his day with Tea. Tea is his oxygen. You will typically see him on the beanbag sipping his cup of tea.

"Don't be trapped by Dogma - which is living in the result of other peoples thinking."

Charana Amarasekara

Senior Software Engineer

Charana is a Human being (Please don't do any backgrounds checks) with basic needs and a minimalistic life.

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without"

Chathu Abeywickrama

Software Engineer

Chathu is a man with a dream. A very simple dream, mostly involving nachos and beer, but a dream nonetheless.

"Use The Force, Luke"

Dinura Samarakoon

Software Engineer

Dinura loves playing games and sleeping. But he has a passion for coding.

Dulitha Wijewantha


Dulitha is an avid coffee lover who happens to love cracking hard problems. He is interested in UI/UX and financial markets. As for hobbies - Dulitha loves to travel. But due to Covid-19 impacting his travel plans, he has picked up a new hobby of playing Civilization 6, a strategy game.

"Keep moving forward"

Fadhl Reza

Project Owner

Fadhl is someone you'd find behind the bar at a coffee shop (don't get him started on coffee), off on a motorcycle adventure, cooking, cycling, swimming, running or surfing. When he's not doing that you'd find him trying to make things better for everyone by applying his experience in process and project management.

Be kind.

Ishanka Ranatunga

Software Engineer

Ishanka is obsessed with new technologies. He loves to get his hands dirty with all kind of development. You will find him tinkering something with IoT or playing games in his free time.

"Make it simple but not simpler"

Methma Wijewardhana

Business Analyst

Methma is a complete introvert who loves to come up with solutions to real world problems. She also loves to go to a cafe, grab a cup of coffee and code as a hobby.

"Learning a new skill is like practicing a new instrument. More you do it, more you get better"

Nazik Naweed

Associate Software Engineer

A guy with a big heart and simple lifestyle. Not a fan of romantic commitments but deeply committed to his fail out and friends. Never sleep until achieve goals.

"spread love and kindness."

Ragularuban Nanthagopal


Ruban has a crave to craft products. He has previously worked on two digital products where he discovered his strengths. He is a maker himself and would love to jump at any chance to be involved in creating processors. You might find him in the kitchen making a cup of strawberry tea or in the balcony sipping that tea and enjoying the view.

"Technology is like a fruit tree. Plant it and the right time and maintain it to reap the benefits"

Rizni Rahuman

Project Manager

Rizni always likes to learn new things. He's basically a traveler and nature lover. Whenever he wishes to refresh his mind, he will never fail to try the aid of nature. Rizni is more of an innovator, and he just tries to bring something new out of old stuff. Being associated with nature makes it possible for him to come up with new ideas.

"Don't be afraid to fail, failures will teach you how to be successful"

Sajith Thilakarathna

Software Engineer

Sajith is a simple person who always up to share some meme and good dark humour. Enjoys music. And yeah codes at the back of the office. Table is mostly filled with beers if someone is up to shear!!

“Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present”

Saumya Lakshman

UX Designer

Saumya needs to take a chill pill every now and then. Just thinking about ways to define herself threw her into a never-ending train of thoughts about how defining something can be very limiting, as she proceeds to contradict herself by letting this bio define her a little.

"Quotes suck"

Senal Wijeratne

Product Designer

Senal is obsessed with problem solving, whether it be figuring out what the best approach to a business problem is or figuring out where to eat next! Before joining us, he worked as a JavaScript developer and at CabbageApps he is exploring his interest in User Experience Design. In his free time, you'll find him watching HIMYM or playing some games(but just don't expect him to win any!)

"Fall forward"