Product strategy

Strategy above all

A steady and unique strategy is always followed by a great and ‘never seen before’ product. CabbageApps gives you exactly that. Our custom software, mobile and web applications are developed by analyzing a wealth of research, identifying business and audience goals, formulating a crystal clear vision and drawing up success metrics. CabbageApps product strategy will give you a clear road map to your dream product.

We love our Research

Nothing works without a rigerous background check. Gathering information and assessing key factors that directly affect the project guarantees the success of the project. We go in depth to understand user needs and mindsets along with other factors such as competition, markets or operations to build the exact platform for the product.

Rich with Data

We treat data like a king. Data adds immense value to the project. Our team studies data from your existing apps, sites and customers to test our strategy against the information we gather.

The Human Element

Our team maps out the product strategy in a way that it revolves around your user and ultimately creates the ideal custom software.

We understand how users from each key audience segment think by creating user personas and detailed journey maps in order to develop informed, interactive user experiences.

The Vision in Focus

CabbageApps has the vision in focus. We identify the goals and bring it within our control with a clear, precise and strategic vision that will help the team to keep their eye on the prize throughout the project.

Plans that pay off

We at CabbageApps convert energy into directed action through the brilliant product strategies that we plan out. This ensures that we make the most of your time and investment. This road map keeps us right on track and helps us overcome any roadblocks and avoid any wrong turns that might otherwise arise in the development process.


We're confident in our ability to deliver

12+ years of collective experience

Our Product Designers have worked in multiple industries including Banking, Research, Marketing.

Industry leading team

Our team spends a lot of time understanding how existing products function and following up the latest trends, tools and practices.

Proven Capabilities

We have engaged in Projects that's crossed between teams where we take on the Design work and if needed also the Development.

Certified Professional

Our Product Designers have been certified by Industry qualifications and also trained on Design Thinking Process.

other services

We create amazing digital products

Product Design

CabbageApps lays down a design that combines beautiful interfaces with a captivating user experience to bring a complete product that works exactly right to suit your exact need.

learn about Product Design


Our expert engineers use the latest technology to construct user-focused, flexible, scalable, secure and reliable software that mirror perfection.

learn about Product Engineering

Testing & QA

We do a test run for every software, mobile or web apps that we construct in order for it to function flawlessly and represent your brand and idea 100% accurately.

learn about Testing & QA

Project Management

CabbageApps’ skilled project managers keep a close eye on the project as a whole making sure it flows flawlessly and on time.

learn about Project Management

Training & Support

We bring you up to date on the product by providing you with necessary training and support to understand the product and its functions so that you can make the best out of it and amplify your success.

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Staff Augmentation

CabbageApps’ team of professional consultants are ready to supplement your staff with any technical assistance needed to best execute the product.

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