Product Engineering

Flawlessly Seamless

Engineering is an exact science. A satisfying user experience would depend on the Engineer’s ability to foresee and build flawless, dependable trustworthy products. One user’s software, mobile or web app experience must be as flawless as the others. In order to assess scope, technical requirements, approach and feasibility, CabbageApps incorporates our unique engineering strategies at the very start of your project.

User-Focused Development

The best brand experiences are those created with the users in mind. CabbageApps has our very own team of User Experience Developers (UXDs) dedicated to translating designs into responsive front-end interfaces that catered to audiences in terms of accessibility and performance.

The Crème de la Crème of Engineers

We value intelligence, expertise and adaptability over availability. Our team of Engineers here at CabbageApps is an ever growing team of professionals who have been handpicked for their skills.

Best-In-Class Technology

We at CabbageApps pride ourselves in always staying updated with the latest tech. Not only can we then focus on advanced functionality and productivity, it can also lead to scalable, maintainable, and fresh apps and systems.

Flexible and Scalable

We’re always thinking ahead and we ensure that our whole application development project is future-proof. Our sturdy software and test scripts are always written with future development in mind.

Reliable and Secure

Our code is always clean, secure, stable and extensible. We make it our goal to ensure that our web applications are always progressive, accessible and reliable while still being as secure as Fort Knox. Not only can we give our users the reassurance that our products are trustworthy, we can guarantee cost-effectiveness in the long run.


We're confident in our ability to deliver

12+ years of collective experience

Our Product Designers have worked in multiple industries including Banking, Research, Marketing.

Industry leading team

Our team spends a lot of time understanding how existing products function and following up the latest trends, tools and practices.

Proven Capabilities

We have engaged in Projects that's crossed between teams where we take on the Design work and if needed also the Development.

Certified Professional

Our Product Designers have been certified by Industry qualifications and also trained on Design Thinking Process.

other services

We create amazing digital products

Product Strategy

Before developing your product we develop a road map to ensure that the end product is a masterpiece. CabbageApps product strategy will give you a clear road map to your dream product.

learn about Strategy

Product Design

CabbageApps lays down a design that combines beautiful interfaces with a captivating user experience to bring a complete product that works exactly right to suit your exact need.

learn about Product Design

Testing & QA

We do a test run for every software, mobile or web apps that we construct in order for it to function flawlessly and represent your brand and idea 100% accurately.

learn about Testing & QA

Project Management

CabbageApps’ skilled project managers keep a close eye on the project as a whole making sure it flows flawlessly and on time.

learn about Project Management

Training & Support

We bring you up to date on the product by providing you with necessary training and support to understand the product and its functions so that you can make the best out of it and amplify your success.

learn about Training & Support

Staff Augmentation

CabbageApps’ team of professional consultants are ready to supplement your staff with any technical assistance needed to best execute the product.

learn about Staff Augmentation
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