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Helping Founders build and scale their product ideas
As an Early Stage Founder, you are looking to ideate and iterate the product development to get into the product-market fit stage and pursue further fundraising.

Our Team at Cabbage Studio helps you align your product vision and design and develop your product to assist you on this Journey. Our services are crafted in a manner that allows user validation and what's required for your current stage.
Our Prototype Engagement allows you to design the early version of the Product and validate it with early customers on the direction. The prototype can at a later point be used as the base for developing your MVP.
Our MVP Development Engagement help you bootstrap a product fast and we work on a sprint model in which we align your customer validation cycle into the product development cycle. Our MVP Development Engagement starts with an MVP Strategy and Rescoping Audit where we help you manage the budget required to build the MVP and scope out features into a Product Roadmap.
We specialize in building Websites that are set up for Web Presence first and subsequently Inbound Marketing. We categorize websites into - Landing Pages (Fundraising & Early-stage phase), Microsite (Product Launch phase), and Acquisition Site (focused on Customer Acquisition phase).
We provide dedicated UI/UX services required to Re-design Products as well. This would mostly fit in situations where the MVP of the product was built rapidly but requires re-skinning when Go-to-Market planning is done.


Helping leaders build-remote software teams
For growth stage Startups that want to scale, Cabbage Teams will put together a team that will understand your business and product, identifies required competencies and skill levels, perfectly adaptable to fit your industry, technology and company culture. And implement hiring processes so you can scale your business with minimum effort.
Dedicated Team building
Dedicated team developed and rented for the Scale-Up with the Option of Purchasing the Team in 12 to 16 months. This would be ideal for a Startup that raised money is looking to iterate on its MVP and build the Core Technical team.
On demand Skills
We have a pool of On-Demand Resources with Skills in UI/UX Design, Full Stack Development, Quality Assurance, and Project Management that can be utilized if there is a surge of a requirement or requires partial allocation of a particular skill - Quality Assurance.


Your technology partner to co-deliver IT projects
For large enterprises that want to create value through their digital strategy, Cabbage Enterprise will provide a team that will under- stand your build specifications,  focuses on user experience and ensures quality, identify where the highest value will be created from a digital product lens, and develop according to best practices and industry standards, to effectively manage risk.
Full service projects
Our team will work with your IT Team that has a specification created speaking to your Business Users. We will manage the full project delivery.
Front end projects
Our team works with your Core Software team to deliver the User facing Application of the Product. This is ideal for an organization that has Backend Teams owning the APIs.
Integration projects
Our Integration team can work with you to build Backend Integrations required between Product or Services you are using.