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A great organization is great because of great people and great culture. They go hand in hand. We make deliberate effort to monitor, improve and cherish our culture.

our principles

This is what's important to us

Principle based

We take decisions based on principles as it helps us take decisions on heuristics. We take time to record our principles collectively.

Growth Mindset

We have heavy growth focus giving each team member resources for online learning and also mentoring time in order to improve.


We believe in meritocracy and this is enforced strictly by everyone. We believe in hard work and smart work. Who ever deserve the merit will take decisions.

Radical Candor

We conduct retrospects after the conclusion of each project and make sure that we learn where we failed and also where we succeed.


We provide transparency to our team members by having our lines of communication open. We also make it a point to document all meetings we have and drop them as notes to our slack channels to keep everyone in the loop.

Precise Communication

As a Remote First company, we believe in Precise written communication. This helps us to document what we do and also explain our thought processors to others more efficiently.

lead by experts

Our team leads progression.

Ragularuban Nanthagopal


Ruban has a crave to craft products. He has previously worked on two digital products where he discovered his strengths. He is a maker himself and would love to jump at any chance to be involved in creating processors. You might find him in the kitchen making a cup of strawberry tea or in the balcony sipping that tea and enjoying the view.

Dulitha Wijewantha


Dulitha is an avid coffee lover who happens to love cracking hard problems. He is interested in UI/UX and financial markets. As for hobbies - Dulitha loves to travel. But due to Covid-19 impacting his travel plans, he has picked up a new hobby of playing Civilization 6, a strategy game.

Charana Amarasekara

Software Engineer

Charana is a Human being (Please don't do any backgrounds checks) with basic needs and a minimalistic life.

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