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Twire - App Team Augmentation

Twire is a Swedish company that excels in Strategic IT solutions, outsourcing, and privacy & data protection solutions.

Twire - App Team Augmentation

Twire is a unique strategic IT solution agency that considers customer satisfaction as one of its core values. They undertake limited projects and deliver them with a top-notch experience. Due to a non-forecasted client request, Twire was put into a position to accelerate development to take the product-X to market. The Twire team was already in full capacity. Hiring and training usually take up to 6-10 weeks.

Twire partnered up with CabbageApps to augment and app team to challenge this tricky problem.

The challenge for CabbageApps was to augment the team on time with the right skill to deliver and maintain the same customer satisfaction which Twire had never failed to provide their customers.

UI/UX Team and Software Engineering Team.

We had 2 rounds of meetings through we understood the requirements to plan the projects. We understood that there need to be 2 teams focussing on delivering 2 goals. UI/UX Team to re-imagine an existing system with a modern look and feel and an Engineering team to deliver what the UI/UX team has built.

Speed of Team Augmentation

One of the challenges for both teams was the speed of bootstrapping the project.  We managed to come up with a delivery plan within 2 weeks of initial chat!

(We love Notion! It helps us to plan and iterate faster!)

Quality Control of Delivery

Another challenge to ensure client satisfaction was the quality of the deliverables. We actively participated in the product roadmap discussions and understood the product and its values. We constantly reviewed each and every task and tried to give our inputs to it.

Engineering deliverables included design reviews as well.

The team was racing against time to do almost the impossible while the management had it's back to ensure the direction and quality.

On-Demand IT Resources

There were times during the project when extra resources were needed to complete tasks and there were times when allocated resources were idling. It was easy and valuable for Twire since we had the modal of charging only for the delivered time and not for idle time.

It was almost like a dynamic load balancing system.

Bobby Spencer, CEO and Founder