Redesign - SLT Broadband App

A project from redesign initiative by the team at CabbageApps, in attempt to redesign one of the largest local telecommunication company's companion app.

Redesign - SLT Broadband App

SLT Broadband is a mobile app from one of the largest local telecommunications companies, Sri Lanka Telecom, that aims to bridge the gap between the users and one of the company’s extensively provided services, Broadband, through letting its users oversee, and manage all their services and subscriptions from SLT. Only that the current version of the app serves its purpose, but unfortunately not without its many, little slip ups throughout the app, and an experience built from erroneous assumptions of its intuitive users.

The Problems of the Existing UI/UX

Considering the significance SLT’s services hold nationwide, the notion of a Self Care app can be deemed of utter necessity, and there would be an expected efficient in-app experience. Here are the main problems of the existing UX, one would be sure to notice right off the bat.

Unintuitive user flows

Being too marketing, and promo-focused

Main functionalities like "Adding more data" takes redundant steps

Icons and colors throughout the app those feel out of place

Counterintuitive data representation

Our Goals for Redesign

It’s only natural we picked SLT SelfCare as our first redesign project. SLT played a part in almost all of our team members’ lives. We wanted to redesign to eliminate, once and for all, the big problems that a user had to deal with.

Change and Restructure the User flows

Make the user complete a task with the least amount of time

Implement a better design system

Find a suitable representation of data ( bar graph, chart etc. )

Being able to add multiple user accounts.

The Process

We stuck to our short, and incisive goals, with the bigger picture in our heads – make the main functions, functional – and so we proceeded.

Our usual design process includes, making wireframes on both low and high fidelities. If we can put our process in numbered points, it will look something like this

The Outcome

We had an outcome that did tackle the problems we wanted to, and reach the goals we set. Though our minimal, and concise goals were met, the app has plenty of room for new features taking SLT’s number of services into consideration, and undiscovered potential this app could offer its large audience country wide - for instance, a subtle feature on the app of a multilingual country – Language Selection!