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Appspotr Website

Appspotr is a low-code platform that enables users to create professional grade business scale apps, faster.

Appspotr Website

The Challenge

Appspotr has been in the market for a few years, so they had a good understanding about what audiences they wanted to target with the website. The challenge we faced however, was time. Appspotr was on track to release the next big update to their platform - Appspotr 3.0 for this reason we needed to focus on accelerating our development to meet the tight deadline.

The second and an interesting challenge we faced with Appspotr's website is that we needed to target two different audiences through it - since Appspotr's business goal was, not only to get more direct customers - but also partner companies from different industries; the website had to appeal and provide value to both of these audiences

The Solution

Speed without compromise

Since Appspotr was on a tight deadline for the launch of the website, we needed a solution we can use to accelerate out development process. Their old site was built on Hugo - which didn't give them as much control as they needed. This brought us to our second consideration, flexibility.

Our solution? Webflow.

Webflow ticked all our boxes for Appspotr. It was fast, flexible and when compared to other options - incredibly lightweight. And coupled with a professionally designed template, webflow was able to greatly accelerate the development process.

Targeting two audiences

With Appspotr's need to target two different audiences, it was import that we presented the visitor with valuable relevant product information while directing them to convert into leads. For visitors who are interested in using Appspotr, this meant showing the core features of Appspotr - we decided to approach this by showing visitors a comprehensive list of features

With this we guide the users to conversion forms with CTAs

When it came to potential partner companies, it was important that we communicated not just the relevant product features and benefits - but also the process of becoming a partner with Appspotr. And similar to potential individual users, we've guide the users to conversion forms with CTAs

Discovering and serving a subset of users

Though it wasn't a requirement at first, as the project progressed - new feature ideas were discovered. One of which was to build a location based partner directory. We wanted to help the subset who weren't interested in making apps themselves or becoming a product partner - but had the need of finding a verified Appspotr partner to hire

Speaking the visitor's language

Like all good things, business relationships are built on trust. While we were able give our visitors a clear value proposition, we understood the importance of presenting them with the this in a relatable way. Who better to do this than Appspotr's existing partners.

Hence, testimonials from Appspotr's valued partners were shown to visitors on the site following a strategic approach in it's placement.

CabbageApps team understood our requirements for the website and found the best solution without sticking into an idea building the whole site custom. This allowed us to easily adopt our content into the website. We are quite happy with the on-time delivery and also the design of the final project.
Patric Bottne, Founder & CEO