UI/UX Junior Designer

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Full time on-site


The Design team at CabbageApps is responsible for understanding the client requirements and creating UI/UX models to better represent them. The designers work within a clear framework of accountability  exercising substantial personal responsibility and autonomy.  They take initiative to keep skills up to date, mentor colleagues, maintain an awareness of developments in the industry, and advise on scope and options for continuous operational improvement.

As a UI/UX Designer, you'll be responsible for creating Design Documents such as User Personas, Low Fidelity Diagrams, User Flow Maps, High Fidelity Diagrams and creating Development Deliverables.

Expectations from a candidate

  • 1+ years of experience in a design/development field
  • The ability to effectively communicate complex ideas to a business audience and technical audience and engage in productive dialog involving multiple viewpoints or conflicting perspectives
  • Ability to independently scope and implement design solutions while anticipating uncertainties.
  • Participate in the Agile Scrum process, including speaking up and giving your opinion
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong teamwork ethic

About Cabbage Apps

Cabbage Apps is a software development firm that focuses on product designing and development. We specialize in UI/UX Processes, Javascript App Development and Digital Transformation Consulting. Our clients include multi-national companies and a few of the largest financial institutions in Sri Lanka.

Why Cabbage Apps

  • You'll work on everything from customer-facing web apps and backend services, to mobile applications using cutting-edge tools and frameworks
  • We are a relatively young company and therefore there are tons of opportunity to grow
  • You will have flexible working arrangements to increase productivity
  • We love out of the box solutions!

How we work

  • High caliber team - We love to work with smart people
  • Focus - Based on your skills and interests you'll work in a team focused on Operational Excellence or Innovation
  • Independence - You'll get all the latitude and freedom to find your ideal approach to problems. No micromanagement here
  • Teamwork - We do bi-weekly planning where you'll work together with our product owner
  • Growth - Bi-weekly we'll teach each other about what we've learned recently
  • Great tools and hardware - All the tools you need to design anything

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