Associate Project Manager

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Full time on-site

Key Responsibilities

  • Work directly with project managers to help implement project goals.
  • Assign duties to staff to implement project goals, as needed.
  • To work on the specific project assigned to ensure proper coordination and completion of those projects.
  • Performing administrative tasks such as preparing documents, invoices, scheduling meetings, etc.
  • To assist in the development and implementation of the project proposals.
  • To constantly monitor and track the progress of the project and maintain all the relevant work details in the form of reports.
  • Coordinate with project manager and other project leads following project execution.

Required Skills

  • Excellent project management skills
  • Proficient in various computer applications like word processing, spreadsheet, power point, database software and internet
  • Should have an ability to work under pressure and complete the project on the given deadline
  • Should have an ability to establish healthy working relationship within the organization and the clients
  • Should have excellent planning and organizing skills
  • Should exhibit exceptional time management skills and have an eye for detail

About Cabbage Apps

Cabbage Apps is a software development firm that focuses on product designing and development. We specialize in UI/UX Processes, Javascript App Development and Digital Transformation Consulting. Our clients include multi-national companies and a few of the largest financial institutions in Sri Lanka.

Why Cabbage Apps

  • You'll work on everything from customer-facing web apps and backend services, to mobile applications using cutting-edge tools and frameworks
  • We are a relatively young company and therefore there are tons of opportunity to grow
  • You will have flexible working arrangements to increase productivity

How we work

  • High caliber team - We love to work with smart people
  • Focus - Based on your skills and interests you'll work in a team focused on Operational Excellence or Innovation
  • Independence - You'll get all the latitude and freedom to find your ideal approach to problems. No micromanagement here
  • Teamwork - We do bi-weekly planning where you'll work together with our product owner
  • Growth - Bi-weekly we'll teach each other about what we've learned recently
  • Great tools and hardware - All the tools you need to fully focus on coding
  • Automation - Good developers are lazy developers. One-click deployment and automated testing FTW.

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