🎉 We have rebranded, check out our blog
SEPTEMBER 01, 2021

We have rebranded 🎉

After nearly 5 years of being in Business, we are re-branding CabbageApps and setting up our vision for the next 5 years. Let me take you back to how it all began and the reasoning behind our company name 'CabbageApps'.
Back in 2017 - I decided to let go of my career at WSO2 where I was mostly working on Customer Engagements and Pre-sales work after being involved in Product Engineering for 4 years. I was passionate about building (digital) products and particularly fascinated with the innovative schematics that accompanied creating a new product. CabbageApps was initiated with one simple mission: to build digital products fast and efficiently. Our domain focus was Fintech.
The "Cabbage" element of our brand name originates from two sources, firstly; a slang word to denote money in Russia and secondly; Cabbages take 90 to 180 days to fully grow and our main focus was to use this concept as a framework to build products that shipped faster.
We raised capital for Alakazam from ThirdLaneVentures and subsequently another Investor. The capital raised allowed us to setup shop in Singapore and focus on the South East Asian region. We showcased the product in Tech in Asia 2018, followed by RISE Conference in Hong Kong.
In the beginning of 2019, while Alakazam was at a build phase the Cambridge Analytica scandle was full blown. This resulted in a range of repercussions where our dependent APIs got shutdown over the course of 3 months. This caused us to shelf the startup idea as the market was not conducive enough.
The end of 2019 proved to be difficult with us having to shutdown our pet project Alakazam. However my co-founder and I dusted this off as a minor glitch in the bigger journey. We refocused our resources and energy back into our core business of CabbageApps.
When I initially became an entrepreneur I didn't want to build a service business that scales. But now I took this as a challenge to scale a service business that's backed by technology.
By the end of 2019 and going into 2020, we helped one of the Largest financial Institutions co-build their Co-Banking Product, we built a No-code platform based out of Sweden and a developed a new Age Wellness Platform. We were predominantly focused on our customer achieving the next business milestone.
We started this journey as a five man team in the beginning of 2020 and ended up scaling to a team of forty within a year. This period of growth taught us that an integral part of this organization was not mainly in technology but on how a group of individuals came together to work as a cohesive team to accomplish objectives and solve complex problems using technology.
We then decided that we are going to re-evaluate our business model from a Remote Team first approach. This meant that we had to profile the members we hire into separate teams depending on the nature of their profiles.
Some engineers love the initial phase of development, where they can rebuild processors and re-write code. Some engineers love to build on a steady flow. Some engineers love to work with in an existing spec. We wanted to cherish the nature of all these different profiles and put them into fitting teams.
With this in line - we are unleashing the new brand identity of of CabbageApps with a shortened identifier as "CA" and extended identifier as "CabbageApps".

We are also introducing the 3 verticals we will be focusing on.

CA Studio aims to help Founders validate their Idea, design the early prototype and subsequently build a Minimal Viable Product. The team that works on this is experienced in the initial phase of the product development life cycle and they are by nature very curious about different business models and how to implement them. They are domain agonistic and process focused.
CA Teams aims to help Founders build the team required to take the product to the next level after a Funding round is raised. Our value proposition for Founders is time for team assembly, guaranteeing quality of engineering and design and initial playbook of Product Operations put in place. We also focus on making sure that the Software team is acquirable to the Startup at the point when the Startup decides to get acquired or raising a bigger round where they want to take the functions inhouse. Individuals who work on CA Teams can work independently, have really strong communication skills and they can execute fast on a given stable direction.
CA Enterprise aims to help Organizations deliver Software in Co-Delivery. We partner with organizations that already has IT/ Technology Teams and provide our specializations on executing User Facing Front End Projects/ Backend Integration Projects. This team operates in a way that it can hold multiple stakeholders accountable and also informed. Individuals who work in this team also work with structure and also with more documentation being kept in order to facilitate multiple stakeholders.
As we embark on our new journey - we are looking into unlocking the secret of building, scaling and thriving remote teams and we hope to help many startups reach unicorn status!
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our clients, who believed in me and our small team. Without our customers, we wouldn't be on this journey.
Next - I'd like to thank our Rockstar team, they have gone through tremendous pressure navigating through this journey and it's with their grit that we have been able to unlock these 3 verticals and differences in how they operate.
Dulitha Wijewantha
CEO, CabbageApps