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After building, designing and deploying Software Projects we realized that Processors are the heart of delivering Projects on time and creating Business Value.


We're a team that delivers world class results

Established in 2017, we have been focusing on building our team and our processors. Our roots came about when our founders decided to take on couple of projects to build Fin-tech solutions to Large Banks and Retail Vendors.

CabbageApps also built Tech Products that focused on different domains from Financial Technology, Retail Technology to Marketing Technology.


Our business success is built on 3 principles

We understand that software projects are about delivering business value, so we make sure to understand through out the project the requirements of the stakeholders involved and how to drive value to our customers.

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When we take on a project, we make sure that we understand the success parameters and also our team member working on the project understand them from day one. We hold ourselves accountable to the deadlines involved and provide timely updates to stakeholders.


We provide our customers with transparency on the decisions we are taking on a day to day basis when it comes to Design or Development. This transparency allows us to have an open conversation on how to drive business value.


Our team believes in smooth processors. Processors are the heart and soul of how we do things and why we drive the project towards timely success. The processors can be updated and challenged based on the requirement but we make sure to keep things documented in order to find successful recipes of management.

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Ragularuban Nanthagopal


Dulitha Wijewantha


Charana Amarasekara

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Our team is our strength

We hire A class talent from the market and provide them a work environment that they can drive their own career success. We don't believe in bell curve compensation structures and understands that more the team member dedicates towards learning, the better it is for our customers and ultimately to our organization.

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We started CabbageApps as a requirement for Entrepreneurs and Businesses who want to drive Business Success without worrying about Technology